Value Proposition Design – Official Book Launch Event


If you have heard of the Business Model Canvas, you would have probably heard of the book “Business Model Generation” by Alex Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur. It was a remarkable book contributed by 470 “Business Model Canvas” practitioners from 45 countries, and widely valued by the startup communities worldwide.

On 27 October (next Monday), the sequel to this valuable book – “Value Proposition Design” will be officially launched in Hong Kong. There will be an official book launch event from 6:30pm – 8:30pm at the PaperClip, where you may have the chance to do a videoconference Q&A with Alexander Osterwalder co-author of Business Model Generation.

To get a first glimpse of this new book, you can download the first 100 pages at the publisher’s website here.

If you haven’t read the first book yet, you can also get a free 72-page preview here.

Both books are beautifully illustrated, well-structured, and easy to read. If you would like to know more about or attend the book launch event next Monday, be sure to sign up here. Admission is free.

The venue – PaperClip is located at:

3/F, Nam Wo Hong Building
148 Wing Lok Street, Sheung Wan
Hong Kong

Hope to see you there :)

- Brian Jeuan Ho

This was what happened…

back online


Our site was offline from last Monday afternoon to Thursday evening (13 – 16 Oct), and the Job Board was out of service for 4 days straight.

I apologize for all those who couldn’t access the service and for any inconveniences caused.

I wanted to assure all of you that our site was NOT hacked (I know it’s pretty hot out there right now…), and thus no data was compromised – all of your information is still kept safe and secured.

What caused the extended downtime was actually a simple problem – as you may noticed, this site was build on WordPress, and I have installed quite a number of plugins, including the Job Board that many of you are using. So I was in the process of upgrading to WordPress 4.0 plus a number of plugins. Lo and behold, something went wrong, and I was not able to login with my admin account. To cut the long story short, it was a conflict between some of the plungins in the upgrading process. In addition, I also had some problem with the roll-back, and I had to review the database to ensure all the data were safe and nothing was compromised, which resulted in the longer than usual recovery time.

I have removed a couple of outdated plugins and you may noticed there are some differences in the layouts, and removal of some minor features. I have added a new page on “How it works” which briefly explains the Job Board’s workflow.

During these frustrating moments, a couple of our members and friends were kind enough to offer technical advices, and I am most grateful for your help!

Once again, I apologize for the interruption and thank you for your kind understanding! If you still find any problems with your account or using our Job Board, please feel free to drop me a line at

– Brian Jeuan Ho

Productivity in Freelancing – Overcoming Procrastination


Freelancers often work alone in their homes or private spaces where the work atmosphere is relatively free. While this “freedom” is one of the major rewards for being a freelancer, it can also be the very stumbling block if left unchecked. Among all deadly sins in productivity, Distraction and Procrastination are probably the most stubborn ones for full-time freelancers. There is no one behind your shoulders to check what you are working on – or whether you are working at all! You can be spending a lot more time than you should on your “online research”, which in fact yields little productivity and results. Of course, we never admit we are procrastinating, but more often than not, we are…   Continue reading

Freelancers: Are you setting your prices right?

Price Setting

Good freelancers spend lots of time sharpening their skills and upgrading their tools. They take pride in what they do, put souls into their work, and always endeavor to offer the best to their clients. Freelancing is nothing but personal, because your name is the brand.

But that’s just one side of the equation.

You have meticulously listed the deliverable items on your quotation with confidence, and now you are about to add numbers on the “Price” column. A little voice starts ringing in your head: should I write $8,000, $7,999, or $8,130? Or should I write $9,000 and then give a $1,000 discount at the bottom? Continue reading