Winner of global infographics award depicts the walled city of Kowloon

I have always loved infographics – they are pretty, fun to read, and informative. Since teenage, I have been collecting these beautiful posters from magazines like the National Geographic, and over the years I have kept dozens of them in pristine condition.  Now I find myself showing some of them to my boys, and I can see how these colourful visuals fascinate the young minds.

Good infographics are not easy to make, it requires solid research, clear thinking, precise presentation, and above all, creativity. A good piece of infographic can explain a very difficult concept at a glance. And I admire artists that makes great infographics, and here’s one right from our neighbourhood: Adolfo Arranz – Senior Artist at the South China Morning Post.  He just won some of the most prestigious awards in the field of infographics – including two gold prizes at the 22nd Malofiej International Infographics Awards.


Image Source: South China Morning Post

One of the gold prizes belong to this inforgraphics he created about the Kowloon Walled City – “City Of Anarchy” for the 20th anniversary of the place since it was demolished in 1994.

From what he told the SCMP, Adolfo spend a month in planning and drawing this award-winning piece. He have also won four bronze awards with other infographics including “The Dead Zone” shown here below – explaining the the impact of algae outbreak on marine life.


 Image Source: South China Morning Post

Do you like infographics?  Check out our collection of Infographics on Pinterest here.


Please refer to the original news report from SCMP here.

For more info on Adolfo Arranz and his works, please visit his website at

- By Brian Jeuan Ho

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